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Nowadays, we have a lot of necessities, besides what Maslow had proposed years ago. It´s important to remember that we have concerns about batteries and wifi, as well. People´s aim is the fast communication, being connected quickly, keep in touch and be present digitally.

Apple and other players invest in replacing the keyboard. It had been started as a daring idea, getting rid of the keyboard on smartphones. Google bet on smart glasses, despite having quit the selling of it. Voice commands had never been used only by smartphones.

Maybe, the age of fast communication is returning to the ancient times. The act of expressing by drawing came back, sharply than before, but in a different context, when it was used by “messenger app” on computers, a few years ago.

Today, there is the need for something more, speaking the fastest and still being funny. The voice recording technology also exists as in several apps, like transcriptions. However, the issue in the communication has been succeeded in adulthood. Parents and grandparents have already used this “new” technology a lot, as it´s called.

The blog brought a post about a french advertisement of McDonald´s, which is a creative way to broadcast the situation. Something like “Angry Birds” trailer, in a beautiful essay to illustrate the situation connected to the real one.

However, we saw in Brazil the Itaú Bank, showing films using a virtual language, and it gets in the target. We have already had a suitable language in use in cinemas and sitcoms, as real life, how it happened in “Fifty shades of grey” and “Felizes para Sempre?”.

The emoticons are all over. They have been used in advertisements and in the cinemas, you have them on the top of your thumb.

Itaú – “Mudança”

Venez comme vous êtes – McDonald’s

Now it´s up to you!

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